Happy Hour #102: Every Podcast Has A Lesson – ‘Ride the Cyclone’

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Get ready for some sycophantic Jim and Tomic as we buckle up and ‘Ride the Cyclone.’ The cast recording for this incredible show by Jacob Richmond and Brooke Maxwell has just dropped and we couldn’t wait to talk about it. We talk through the fascinatingly diverse characters, the meaning of life and what this show means for the future of musical theatre!

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Ride the Cyclone (World Premiere Cast Recording)
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Feel free to take part in the new drinking game of ‘How many times does Jimi say that’s so smart?’
Check out this great montage of moments from the Chicago production which gives you a great idea of the amazing production design and how fricking cool Karnak is!
The team did a really interesting interview at the Guggenheim prior to their production at MCC!
If you’re looking for a very succinct timeline of this production from Victoria to Cast Recording then check out superfan Sam’s video here!
Tom waits If you’re looking for a bit of a cool kind of crazy then check out this number from Tom Waits’ ‘The Black Rider’
PERFORM THIS SHOW! As the cogs of live theatre start to turn again why not bring this to your theatre company as a potential option? If you’re in the UK click here, and if you’re in the US click here!
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