Happy Hour #104: Heart and Podcasts – ‘A New Brain’

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Get ready to delve into the warren of William Finn’s fantastical mind as we voyage into ‘A New Brain.’ Beautifully mirroring the mania of the show itself, this is a manic episode where we dart from deep, impossible discussions about unhoused populations, to analysing the changes between the original and the Encores! production, to learning all about the wonders of Organic Jim. Good luck!

A New Brain (2015 New York Cast Recording)

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Are you ready for the Sondheim Cinematic Universe?

For a MUCH more articulate discussion of Jimi’s ‘Change’ point, check out Scott Miller’s essay on the show!

Any David Lynch fans out there? What do you think a David Lynch musical could possible look like?

What are your opinions on the updates made for the Encores! production? Let us know!

On Tommy’s recommendation listen to only THIS version of ‘Make Me a Song’ for some wonderful Bill Finn goodness!

Please take a few minutes to watch this incredible video of Edinburgh local, Organic Jim.

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A Butt-tastic Quiz Question

It was widely rumored that lanky dancer Frank Sinatra padded his hindquarters with handkerchiefs to fill out his uniform whilst filming this movie. What show?

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