Happy Hour #24: A New World Whirl – ‘Songs for a New World’

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Set sail with us as we explore Jason Robert Brown’s early song cycle, “Songs for a New World.” We talk the contentious differences between Revues, Musicals and Song Cycles, kvetch about the “Contemporary Musical Theatre Song” and ruminate on misplaced production concepts.

Songs for a New World (Off-Broadway Cast Recording)
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Jason Robert Brown not only played piano during the original production of Songs for a New World he also regularly performs his own stuff! Check him out singing “King of the World!”

Feel like Tommy? Didn’t know “Surabaya Santa” was a reference to a Kurt Weill song? Well, live in the dark no longer!

You’d never believe it, but this is the London production Jimi references.

Wanna listen to a “Contemporary Musical Theatre Song?” Here you go! Wanna hear Jimi singing it? Go bug him on twitter.

What’s the certain sign of a “contemporary musical theatre” show? A song about coffee, that’s what.

We didn’t talk about it, but listen to this “Jason Robert Brown Song.”

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