Happy Hour #25: Some Matilda Malarkey – ‘Matilda: The Musical’

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Grab your library books and keep an eye on that newt! This week we’re chatting up the nuvo-West End show “Matilda: The Musical.” We discuss stellar child actors, British and US dialectical differences, the fabulous Bertie Carvel and the marvels of childhood.

Matilda: The Musical (Original London Cast Recording)


Have a look at this interview with the marvelous Tim Minchin where he talks about how he got involved with the RSC and Matilda.

The set design for this show is JUST fab. Here’s an interview with set and costume designer Rob Howell and lighting designer Hugh Vanstone about their letters-and-blocks inspired design.

There’re two recordings of Matilda! Did you know that? Tommy didn’t. If you want to do some comparisons, the London Cast is on Spotify and the Broadway Cast is on Amazon.

2013 was the year of the children choruses at the Tony Awards. Don’t believe us? Check out NPH’s exhausting opening number.

Have a look at the stunning Bertie Carvel in the recording studio. Fabulous both in and out of costume.

Join Lesli Margherita in her backstage vlog “Looks Not Books” from Broadway.com.

Tim Minchin sings songs. They’re funny. Really funny.

He’s also working on a new musical – an adaptation of the Bill Murray movie Groundhog Day. It’ll be a while before you can listen to the whole thing, but you can check out one of the songs right now!


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