Happy Hour #26: An Oklahoma Hoedown – ‘Oklahoma!’

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Jimi and Tommy talk about Rodgers and Hammerstein’s record-breaking debut, ‘Oklahoma!’ The gang discuss where the show fits in a contemporary setting, the importance of narrative choreography and the birth of the two most important names in musical theatre history!

Oklahoma! (1998 London Cast Recording)
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If musical theatre history is your thing, then look no further than Broadway: The American Musical beautifully narrated by Julie Andrews!

Also if you are interested in race representation in musical The Great White Way by Warren Hoffman is a good starting point.

Check out the glorious Agnes DeMille, one of the true founders of narrative choreography.

Oklahoma was the first musical to contain a dream ballet – have a look at the 1955 movie’s attempt at it!

What are you opinions and experiences with narrative choreography and dance on Broadway? Let us know on Reddit!

Stephen Sondheim owes a lot of his career to Mr Oscar Hammerstein II. Have a look at this great interview where he talks a little bit about his influence.

As it’s the holidays we’ve got an exciting giveaway in next week’s podcast so be sure to tune in and find out the details!


Which musical contains Broadway’s premiere prosthetic kickline?


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