Happy Hour #32: A Little Night Podcast – ‘A Little Night Music’

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Come with us as we spend a weekend in the country listening relentlessly to Sondheim’s ‘A Little Night Music.’ We ponder why Sondheim wrote the show in the first place, try to work out why ‘Send in the Clowns’ is his most popular song of all time and make a plea for a renaissance of Broadway Cast Recordings.

A Little Night Music (Revival Broadway Cast Recording)
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If you’ve not got the musical theatre equivalent of Moses’ tablets from Mt. Siani- then what are you playing at? Finishing The…and Look I Made A…

We couldn’t talk about Elaine Stritch’s Broadway finale without giving her some mad props. Here’s a marvellous glimpse of her in the show as Madame Armfeldt (with a smidge of Bernadette thrown in for good measure!)

Our pal Mo Brady from The Ensemblist podcast (check ‘em out!) is very well acquainted with ‘A Little Night Music’ – go see what we mean!

Wondering what we’re talking about with Liza Minnelli and Ethel Merman? Please inform your local nightclubs of the existence of both of these.

Jimi owes a lot of his musical theatre knowledge to The Simpsons. This was his introduction to ‘A Little Night Music.’

If you haven’t seen ‘Hey! Mr Producer’ yet then fix that right now! If you have, let’s all reminisce over this beautiful moment with Andrew Lloyd Webber and Stephen Sondheim together (featuring the world’s most awkward handshake/hug!)

What do you think of all of the many millions of adaptations of ‘Send In The Clowns’, like Barbra Streisand’s here. Let us know what you think about musical theatre songs being popularised over on Reddit!

Let’s have one final nod to the glorious Elaine Stritch, you may not be ‘still here’ with us in person, but your musical certainly will be forevermore!


Catherine Zeta-Jones made her Broadway debut in the 2009 revival of ‘A Little Night Music,’ BUT this was far from her theatrical stage debut. In fact, she got her big break in a West End production of our next musical. What is it?


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