Happy Hour #33: Jim and Tomic Are Doing A Podcast! – ‘42nd Street’

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Come and meet those dancing feet, we’re taking you to everyone’s favourite ‘avenue’: 42nd Street! Don your tap shoes and triple-time step your way into the Great Depression as Jimi and tommy (feat. a noisy cricket) discuss the tragic nature of the show’s opening night, debate the nature of dance breaks and the success of contemporary awakenings of classic musical comedies.

42nd Street (Original Broadway Cast Recording)
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Turns out Pinky and Perky are British! For all you non-Brits out there here’s a taste of the singer-songwriter pigs’ TV show.

If that sold you, you can get the VHS of the Chattanooga Choo Choo number here!

If you fancy yourself some black and white realness, check out the Hollywood classic 42nd Street movie!

Old Hollywood trailers are a beautiful thing, check out the (massively misogynistic) 42nd Street trailer from 1933.

Did you know classic Hollywood actors made mistakes too? Just look and see! God damn!

If you haven’t got one of the greatest musical theatre resources ever (Broadway: The American Musical by the way) then fix that right now!

What do you think about the nature of dance breaks? Come tell us on Reddit!

One of Jimi’s favourite Tony openings ever is 2001, with this fantastic turn from 42nd Street!

If you want some more Tony opening fun have a look at the train wreck of 2009

Have a look at this xkcd comic as we tease apart the nature of reviving classic musicals.


There are three musicals (that we know of) with songs in them titled “The Confrontation.” One of them is our musical next week.Which one?


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