Happy Hour #38: It’s De-Podcast! – ‘Anything Goes’

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All ashore who’s comin’ ashore! Let’s set sail on the SS American with evangelists and crooks as Jimi and Tommy talk about Cole Porter’s classic ‘Anything Goes.’ The lads discuss the many incarnations of the show over the years, why you should just sing ‘Let’s Misbehave’ and get a special visit from UK musical director Dan Glover!

Anything Goes (2011 Cast Recording)
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Keep ‘em comin’ kids!

Unexpectedly this might’ve been our toughest quiz question yet! John Williams arranged this fascinating opening for ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.’

One of our favourite SNL skits is the High School Theatre Show.Check it out here! Jimi and Tommy take no responsibility for any SNL YouTube holes you fall into.

Forbidden Broadway had their take on the 1987 revival of ‘Anything Goes’ and probably do one of the best Patti LuPone impressions of all time!

Are you in the UK? Check your local theatre and go see Dan’s production of Wedding Singer! Full details on tickets here. Then go follow him on Twitter @DanGlover_27!

It got snipped from any of the amateur productions you’ll find out there, but here is Bonnie asking the age old question: where are the men?

A product of his times or something more sinister? What’s your take on Cole Porter? This article wages in on the question.


This musical stirred something of a controversy on Broadway though it had many positive reviews the following critic did not speak so highly: “The only reason [this musical] has made it to the Great White Way is the Great White Guilt.” What show?


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