Happy Hour #39: A Scottsboro Song – ‘The Scottsboro Boys’

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Jimi and Tommy are going back in history to look at a case that is not talked about enough – the story of the ‘The Scottsboro Boys.’ They examine the controversy surrounding Kander and Ebb’s use of a minstrel show as a framing device, discuss the importance of educating yourself about issues that might be foreign to you and why not enough people know about this musical.

The Scottsboro Boys (Original London Cast)
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If you want to find out more about The Scottsboro Boys’ story there is so much out there for you to have a look at, but why not watch this documentary to start you off?

It’s so important to look at all sides of the dice when it comes to any issue, particularly if it’s a side you might not agree with. Have a look at the article that inspired our quiz question this week.

In the same vein, have a look at this video from one of the Freedom Party protests surrounding The Scottsboro Boys’ Broadway run.

There’s an amazing interview with John Thompson, the book writer of this show that gives great insights into the controversy surrounding this piece.

Jane Elliott has done wonderful things for race relations and understanding all through her career. Check out this documentary from when she created her famous ‘Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes Experiment’ after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

Once you’ve got the hang of what it’s about, go see what happened when Jane brought the experiment to the UK.


The actor who auditioned for the lead role in this musical knocked her audition so far out of the park that Sondheim remarked, “let’s open tomorrow!” What show?


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