Happy Hour #41: What’s Your Podcast, Heather? – ‘Heathers the Musical’

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Well f*** them gently with a chainsaw, Jimi and Tommy are talking the cult classic ‘Heathers the Musical’ this week! The guys go in on the importance of honest high school musical theatre, the incredible ways this show is surviving beyond Off-Broadway and have a lovefest about fandoms. How very.

Heathers: The Musical (World Premiere Cast Recording)


Hey, we want you to feel okay! If it ever gets rough call The Lifeline on 800-273-TALK or if in the UK The Samaratins on 116 123.

Did you know the full version of Heathers is currently available for licensing in the US? Let this musical live on and get your local theatre group to do it today!

There’s no official recording of the Heathers 101: School Edition track ‘You’re Welcome’ yet but I’m sure a quick Google will sort you out. What do you think of it compared to ‘Blue?’

For some sweet Heathers fandom love, go check out some of these insane animatics over on YouTube – there’s a LOT!

Come and chat to us on Reddit! It’s a great place for us to extend the conversation from the podcast – there’s only so much we can talk about! So many of you wanted us to chat ‘Heathers’ so I’m sure you’ll have plenty to say!


One of the most popular songs from this ‘musical’ has been parodied in every context. It will help you learn about the chemical elements, nations of the world and even college majors. What is the ‘musical?’


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