Happy Hour #43: I Wanna Be A Podcaster – ‘The Producers’

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It’s Jim and Tomic’s latest show, will it flop or will it go? Well that’s for you to decide as we talk all about Broadway’s smash-hit – ‘The Producers!’ This week Jimi and Tommy are delving into the background of the show, the controversy of the original movie and work out which version tells the story best,  they ponder why Nathan Lane isn’t the biggest comedic actor of all time and discuss the nature of ad-libs in contemporary theatre.

The Producers (Original Broadway Cast Recording)
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If you haven’t seen the original Mel Brooks movie, then get on that NOW! Bask in the joy of forgotten character L.S.D. singing the smash hit – ‘Love Power.’

Nathan Lane knows how to Tony. Take a look at his classy acceptance speech!

If you’re into it, have a look at the behind the scenes documentary for the original film including some great interviews with dear departed Gene Wilder. Vanity Fair also did this amazingly in depth article about the history of the movie here if you’re more into the written word!

Who doesn’t love a blooper reel? Well the one from ‘The Producers’ movie is one of the best.

There’s this cool little BroadwayWorld.com thread which details some audience experiences of the myriad of Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick’s ad-libs.

If you want to hear more about where the genius of Nathan Lane came from, take a gander at this Guardian article.

Scary to think that this video of Max and Leo making their triumphant return on Jimmy Kimmel was from a happier time. But hey, political commentary!

If you’ve never seen any of Chez Lindsay’s video essays, you’re missing out! No better place to start than her video on satire, Nazism and Mel Brooks.


One of Tommy’s favorite numbers from next week’s musical was actually parodied in an episode of Glee. Although they do not sing a song from the actual musical, the circumstances and the setting during the ‘Funny Girl’ era of season five of ‘Glee’ are a direct mirror of the circumstances and the setting of this number next week’s musical.



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