Happy Hour #44: All About Podcasts – ‘Applause’

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The boys are back in town after their summer holiday and are very excited to bring to you Charles Strouse’s fabulous ‘Applause’ (no, not the inevitable Lady Gaga biopic!) They discuss the nature of ‘evil’ and work out if the antagonist really is, how ‘Applause’ was one of the earliest examples of normalised gay culture presented onstage and Jimi learns all about ‘kickbutt.’

Applause: Original 1970 Broadway Cast
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If you, like Jimi, are one of the six people who watched ‘Glee’ to the end then you can pass by. If not, take a look at Rachel Berry getting her jush in some (mildly stereotypical) New York gay club, then compare it to ‘But Alive’ in ‘Applause.’

So what do we think folks? Is Eve evil? Is she just ambitious? Does she deserve what she got? Let us know over on Reddit!

If you haven’t watched Tommy’s self-proclaimed ‘Gay YouTube Saga’ then you can check it out here and see what he has to say about diva worship in the gay community.

Old Hollywood was full of coded gay characters and ‘All About Eve’ was no different. Have a look at these clips and see what you think. Is it implied or are people reaching? There’s plenty of fascinating information on this online too, go have a read!

If you haven’t watched the 1973 telecast, it’s the best way to experience this fabulous show nowadays. Have a look here, or skip to [31:00] if you want to enjoy the sensational title number!

We barely hear about ‘Applause’ anymore, but we did have the recent Encores! production to tide us over. Why do you think we haven’t seen a revival? Tell us about it in 140 characters.


Our next musical was written by Stephen Schwartz but not the Stephen Schwartz you think…



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