Happy Hour #46: Alice in Podcastland – ‘Wonderland’

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Come on down the rabbit hole (or elevator shaft) as we travel to Frank Wildhorn’s ‘Wonderland.’ This week, the boys try and wrap their heads around why this show has yet to have a success, dissect the drama unfolding with the current UK tour and Tommy offers his own personal adaptation which he thinks would solve everything!

Wonderland (Original Broadway Recording)
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What’s your favourite Alice in Wonderland adaptation? Jimi will always fight for the 1999 made-for-TV version.Tommy on the other hand will always fight for Ms Carol Channing singin’ about jam.If this is your favourite musical, apologies for panning it, but please change our minds! Head over to Reddit and fight its corner!

What do you think about Tommy’s changes to the musical? Give your 140 characters long review on Twitter!

The recent UK tour underwent some drastic changes to the original (or one of the original books.) Did you see it? How close was Jimi to the plot? Let us know! If you didn’t see it, here’s the trailer!

If you’re interested in backstage politics, there’s nothing juicier the the unfolding drama of the Wonderland tour’s closure!

If you know where to find a copy of Death Note’s musical outing then hit Jimi up! In the meantime let’s all enjoy Kwang-Ho Hong’s rendition of the title song.


In Chicago there’s a gay bar where they play musicals on Monday. And people shout at the screen. All the time. When they play the finale to this musical, all the patrons chant “Fall! Fall! Fall! Fall! YAAAAAYYYYY!” when one of the performers eventually falls. What show?


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