Happy Hour #47: Step, Kick, Kick, Leap, Kick, Touch – Podcast! – ‘A Chorus Line’

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Get ready to do the whole combination away from the mirror and unpack your headshot, as we’re heading straight onto Michael Bennett’s “A Chorus Line!” As one of the longest running musicals of all time, there’s lots to unpack this week! Jimi and Tommy discuss how this show created the first musical theatre workshop, why the lyricist hated the show’s biggest song and muse over whether you can alter something so iconic. A-5-6-7-8!

A Chorus Line (Original Broadway Recording)
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Before you do anything, listen to the cast recording and watch the amazing documentary: “Every Little Step,” especially if you’re an aspiring director! Listen to Jimi’s plea and watch this to see how casting’s done properly!

If you want to find out more about the creation of the show and those early recording sessions, look no further than this fantastic book: “On the Line: The Creation of A Chorus Line”

If you’re interested in the ins and outs of how royalties work with workshop casts then check out this article which details what went down with “Hamilton” last year.

What do you think about revamping iconic musical choreography? Have a look at the MUNY production and see what you think about Denis Jones’ attempts.

Have you been in “A Chorus Line?” Did your choreographer give the show a revamp? Let us know! Head over to Reddit and tell us all about it!

If you’re interested in how the lyrics were developed for “A Chorus Line” listen to this NPR interview all about him.

What’s your dance routine mental cheat sheet? Come and tell us on Twitter!

Also if you’d like to, feel free to send us an email at jimandtomic@gmail.com!


In 1985, this musical – conceived and created by a big-league lyricist and librettist and that proved to be a British hit – tried out in a US High School instead of heading straight for Broadway?



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