Happy Hour #48: A Medieval Masterclass – ‘Blondel’

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Come back with us to the Middle Ages as we follow the pursuits of everyone’s favourite court minstrel: ‘Blondel!’ Potentially winning the award for the most unknown show so far on the podcast, Jimi and Tommy talk about what might be some of Tim Rice’s best lyrics, how this show comes packaged as a surprisingly feminist political satire and discuss Great Comet-gate and the social responsibility of fan culture.

Blondel: Original London Cast


If you want a bit of 80s camp fabulousness, here is Paul Nicholas in the role of Blondel with his glorious Blondettes!

Tim Rice is one of musical theatre’s coolest cats. Check out this (slightly peculiar) interview of him discussing the rewrites to turn ‘Blondel’ into ‘Lute!’

Not just a Pointless presenter, Alexander Armstrong has had a great string of roles in British musical theatre. Here he is singing some of Tim Rice’s best lyrics in “No Rhyme for Richard.”

Stage Door Records are leading their own crusade in reviving lost west end hits (and misses!), check them out!

What are your thoughts on musical theatre fan culture? Are you going to be a Blondelite? Head over to Reddit and give us your thoughts!


Originally act one of this show was slated to end with a round of musical chairs emceed by a gorilla. However, the producer didn’t think think this number worked – much to the dismay of the choreographer. Strangely, when they adapted the musical into a movie, this same choreographer performed in the new number that replaced the gorilla piece. What show?



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