Happy Hour #5 (Part 2): A Christmas Celebration

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Welcome to part two of the Jim and Tomic Holiday Extravaganza! By now you’ll be fatted on the sofa full to the brim of turkey, cookies and general festive cheer. What better way to unwind than with Jimi and Tommy talking holiday traditions, the top ten Christmas songs from musicals, the enigma that is the British Pantomime and a good ol’ fashioned game of everyone’s favourite Ellen DeGeneres-crafted activity. Happy Holidays!



First of all, we want to know what your favourite holiday musical is! Tweet us @jimandtomic to let us know!

Have a look at Tommy’s alltime favourite holiday special – the Rankin and Bass Christmas Specials! Here are the Brothers Miser introducing themselves in some festive stop-motion joy.

Jimi’s all time favourite holiday special is everyone’s favourite Scottish soft drink’s Christmas advert. Take a wander around the sights of Scotland in full Raymond Briggs style glory.

Speaking of holidays, watch Tommy watch Mrs. Santa Claus over on his channel.

Kudos to Mr Peter Hilliard for compiling this brilliant list of the Top 10 Christmas Songs from musicals. Do you agree with his choices?

And, of course, some gentle 70s nudity from I Love My Wife.

Are you in the UK? If you’re not, do you have enough disposable income to fly to the UK before the end of January? If the answer to either of these questions is a resounding YES, then there is only one thing you need to do when you’re here – SEE A PANTO! Check out this amazingly comprehensive list of Pantomimes on all across the UK and Ireland.

If you have absolutely no idea what a Pantomime is by the way, this highlights clip from Gravesend’s “Aladdin” will tell you all you need to know. Good luck!


After Auld Lang Syne, which Kander and Ebb song is played in Times Square every New Years?

“Wish Background” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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