Happy Hour #51: 48kHz: A Musical Podcast – ‘35mm: A Musical Exhibition’

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Hold still, and focus as we’re talking all about Ryan Scott Oliver and Matthew Murphy’s beautiful “35mm: A Musical Exhibition.” As this is a fusion of photography and music the boys get arty this week. They talk about what makes a musical ‘exhibition,’ ponder over the terrifying potential of Twilight the Musical and muse over how artists really want their work to be viewed and appreciated.

35MM: A Musical Exhibition (Original Cast Recording)
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If you’re intrigued as to what the hell we were talking about with that quiz question, check out some of Matthew Murphy’s beautiful work!

In London from 09/18 to 09/30? Then go on a fact finding mission for Jimi and Tommy and go see ‘35mm’ at The Other Palace and let us know all about it!

To find out more about Ryan Scott Oliver and Lindsay Mendez’s Actor Therapy Group then have a look at their website here.

Have a look at Katie Thompson singing ‘Leave, Luanne’ – what do you think about a female singing it? Do you think it changes the message?

If you’re at all interested in the sculptor that moved Jimi so GD much then you can watch this great documentary on him here.


Some people argue that this next musical features the music of Felix Mendelssohn and his Violin Concerto in E Minor? Mendelssohn remains uncredited to this day. What show?


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