Happy Hour #53: Happiness Is Making A Podcast – ‘You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown’

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The Doctor is most definitely in! Unpack your blanket and put down your book report because this week Jimi and Tommy are discussing “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown.” This time around the block Tommy gives a brief history of Peanuts, the boys muddle over whether this show works in a big Broadway house without losing some of its integrity and they discuss the nature of kids playing adults playing kids. Good grief!

You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown (1999 New Broadway Cast Recording)
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Jimi got introduced to Vince Guaraldi in this podcast, if you didn’t know about him check out some of his iconic music here!

The peanut butter monologue is absolutely stellar. Finlay MacAulay, the actor playing Charlie Brown in Jimi’s production, even used it to get into drama school!

Do you agree with Jimi and Tommy that this is the perfectly structured musical revue? Can you even compare Company to YAGMCB? Come over to Reddit and discuss!

Did you see the recent Broadway revival? How did the small-scale sketches land in a Broadway house? Let us know on Twitter!

Who knew that Troy Bolton himself, Zac Efron, started life as Snoopy in a high-school production of ‘Charlie Brown!’


Our next show is Anderson Cooper’s only Broadway credit. What show?


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