Happy Hour #55: Way Down Podcastown – ‘Hadestown’

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All aboard the Hades express as we travel the Road to Hell to explore Anais Mitchell’s underground hit ‘Hadestown.’ Jimi finally gets a chance to bring out his inner Ancient Greek Geek and delve into the myth behind the musical, the boys weigh up the state of Broadway as it currently is and discuss the importance of new blood in an art form like musical theatre.

Hadestown: The Myth. The Musical. (Original Cast Recording) [Live]
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Just a brief note: we recorded this podcast before the huge announcement that Hadestown is in fact coming to London in November. We can predict the future, who knew!

There aren’t many musicals that have come straight from a concept album, but this one certainly has! Get to know the history of Hadestown by checking out Anais Mitchell’s original album.

Want to swat up on your Greek mythology but can’t be bothered wading through textbooks, well pick up a copy of the book that started Jimi’s obsession a quarter of a century ago. It’s cute, there are pictures!

What are your thoughts about the idea that Broadway shows have to feel pressured to ‘think big’ Does it always work? Is it at detriment to the story? Is there a way to compete with the budgets of shows like Frozen? Get on over to Reddit and tell us your thoughts!

There are some great little videos made around the release of the cast album where Anais and Rachel take you through the meaning behind each number. It really helps show that this musical is a force to be reckoned with!

Are there any cast recordings or shows that you think are made infinitely better due to their Original Cast and the others just don’t cut the mustard? Let us know over on Twitter!

Have a look at the trailer for Edmonton’s production (and soon to be the West End production!) of Hadestown and compare it to the stripped down version from the NYTW. What has your vote?


This is perhaps one of the only musicals with key lyrical changes driven by a post-divorce legal agreement. What is it?


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