Happy Hour #56: We’re Still Podcasting – ‘The Last Five Years’

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Get out the tissues to mop those eyes (or ball up and throw!) as the boys get deep with Jason Robert Brown’s classic ‘The Last Five Years.’ This week Jimi and Tommy weigh up who ‘wins’ in this show, if anyone, whether this piece is autobiographical or not – and whether autobiographical shows are appropriate, and debate the nature of creative jealousy, infidelity and Russell Crowe.

The Last Five Years (Original Broadway Cast)
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We got quite deep this week and we imagine there will be some hefty discussion on this one. So, Jamie or Cathy? Or neither? Or both? What do you think? Get on over to Reddit and tell us your thoughts!

The origins of this show were shaky to say the least. This Playbill article shines a light on how it all started.

Here’s a great interview with the man himself talking about the origins of the show and the musical theatre business in general.

If you’ve not seen the trailer, it’s definitely worth watching. Here’s the trailer for your perusal, and here’s the link to the movie!

Jimi gets down and dirty with his thoughts about critics constantly citing a lack of ‘hummable melodies’ and he wants to know your thoughts! Let him know over on Twitter!


Every actor who opened as the leading role from our next musical has won the Tony Award for Best Acting – even when the role wasn’t in this musical. What is it?


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