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C-c-c-c’mon, c-c-c-c’mon, go, go! Get that Mountain Dew ready because it’s time to take your pill as we talk about the online musical sensation that has found its way out of its Tumblr existence and unprecedentedly burst into the mainstream – it’s Joe Iconis’ ‘Be More Chill!’ Join the guys as they work out exactly how this musical came to be the smash among the iGen, Jimi sends out a plea to 21st century audiences and Tommy makes a startling revelation about exactly how he feels about this show.

Be More Chill (Original Cast Recording)
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For all you listeners under the age of 60 and living outside of the UK, here’s what Jimi meant by ‘Watch With Mother.’ It gave us ‘Muffin the Mule’ and ‘Andy Pandy.’ We’re eternally grateful.

Where my emos at? Do you agree with Jimi that there’s a certain Fall Out Boy flair to some of Iconis’ music? Just listen to ‘Pitiful Children!’ Also, all pictures of bad late noughties haircuts are welcome.

Would you want to listen to a podcast where Jimi reacts to Tommy reacting to Smash? Come and cast your vote over on Twitter!

How do you think this show deals with themes of teen anxiety compares to ‘Dear Evan Hansen’/’Mean Girls’/’Thirteen Reasons Why?’ Join the conversation over on Reddit!

The original novel that this musical is based on is pretty darn different in terms of plot. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth a read! Get it here!

Here’s a vlog from the team behind the Exit32 production of ‘Be More Chill.’ It doesn’t take much delving into the YouTube comments before you realise how fanatic these fans are!

There’s a pretty neat interview with Joe Iconis and George Salazar, who plays Michael, as they check out the cast album!


What show stars “actors” named Effie, Deena, and Lorrell but has nothing to do with Dreamgirls?


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