Happy Hour #6: A Cabaret Cocktail – ‘Cabaret’

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Happy New Year sportsfans! So many of you wanted us to talk about Kander and Ebb’s sensational Cabaret so we decided what was the use of sitting alone on our rooms and decided to let that music play … and then analyse the heck out of it! Don’t tell mama, but Jimi and Tommy go head to head over Sally Bowles, we officially canonise Bob Fosse and we talk an AWFUL lot about Alan Cumming. Grab some pineapple and some string and come play with us!

Cabaret (1998 Broadway Revival Recording)
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See what on earth Tommy is talking about when he mentions this podcast’s sponsor, Liza Minelli’s marvelous “hand dance” during New York, New York.

Newly discovered X-Men team member, Chita Rivera has adamantium-infused hips. Check out them kicks, folks! SHE’S 82 YEARS OLD!

Jimi thinks Jane Horrocks is unstoppable, Tommy thinks otherwise. Maybe it’s a Transatlantic divide thing. You decide!

Check out the Kander and Ebb Kennedy Center Honors performance, and then fall into the eternal loop of chainwatching every other Kennedy Center Honors performance (particularly recommend Julie Andrews!)

Is Alan Cumming the greatest character actor on Broadway? Bold strokes! But just check out the subtle contrasts in his performances from the West End and Broadway.
Has your school or college ever performed Cabaret and better yet do you have footage? Tweet us @jimandtomic!

Broadway’s most recent Sally Bowles, Emma Stone, mixes it up a bit when it comes to her rendition of ‘Cabaret’. What do you think?

Join Jimi in his unhealthy obsession with Weimar Germany. Check out this darkly beautiful painting by Otto Dix and then check out Fosse’s homage in the movie.

Another of Jimi’s unhealthy obsessions (this one being a bit more justified) is the one and only Bob Fosse! Add to the ocean of drool Jimi has put out into the world over this video and Fosse’s majesty.

As a final goodbye to the glorious Liza Minnelli, (until the next time we fawn over her…probably next week…) enjoy Kristen Wiig trying to turn off a lamp in her honour. There’s the scoundrel!


“This series of popular children’s books is rumoured to be based on Liza Minnelli’s childhood. What are they?”


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