Happy Hour #61: The Man in the Moon is a Podcast – ‘Mame’

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Open the windows! Travel the highways! Toast the vintages and fizz the fizz! This week the Bosom Buddies are dishing on Jerry Herman’s second female tour de force: Mame. Get ready for plenty of whinging about the film, prasing of Ms. Lansbury, contemplation of powerful female roles, and perhaps a hint of Nietzsche! Oh, and some gay stuff. Always some gay stuff.

Mame (Original Broadway Cast)
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You’ve heard the musical, now get the book! Patrick Dennis’s novel (and Mame’s escapades) took the world by storm in the 1950s. It’s no wonder the book exploded so quickly into so many stage and film adaptations.

For a more direct discussion of southern racist problems of a bygone era, check out Happy Hour #39 about Kander and Ebb’s The Scottsboro Boys.

Is Kimmy Schmidt a modern day Auntie Mame? Well…HAS VERA CHARLES ALWAYS BEEN A LEADING LADY?!?!?

Want to get all intellectual like Jimi and read up on your Apollonian epic and Dionysian lyric verse? Then crack open a copy of Nietzsche’s The Birth of Tragedy. (And then you can explain it to Tommy).

For a fascinatingly fabulous trip town a YouTube black hole, why not check out this all-male performance of Mame from San Franciscio in 1980.

Interested in more discussion about gay men and their relationships with musical theatre, check out Tommy’s series “Musical Theatre is SO gay!”

Haven’t watched Lucy in the Mame movie yet? Don’t. Just satisfy your curiosity with this trailer for the original film.

Oh you HAVE watched the Mame movie? Then maybe you can sympathize with Tommy (or add to the vitriolic comments) on his Miscast Mame video.

Still got thoughts about the movie? Hit us up on the reddit to vent your woes.

Jimi has insisted that Tommy include the Angela Lansbury massage video. Tommy is writing these notes (in the third person) and…sigh…will include a link to the video.

Just kidding. This is the video.


This musical was (partially) inspired by a New York Pilates Studio on 181st street.


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