Happy Hour #63: This Is Not A Podcast – ‘American Psycho’

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Abandon all hope ye who enter here as we delve into the dark world of free-range squid, designer suits and subtly thick business cards and discuss Duncan Sheik’s ‘American Psycho.’ Whether you’ve read the book, seen the film, both or neither this musical is a controversial take on the already controversial subject matter. This week Jimi and Tommy talk about the differences between the three media, muse on why the Broadway run of the show was so unsuccessful and think about whether theatre should make sure it’s fun for everyone, or sometimes just be for the ‘cool kids.’

American Psycho (Original London Cast Recording) [Explicit]
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There’s no better way of understanding a piece of fiction than going to the source, and that’s never been truer for ‘American Psycho’ – check it out!

Once you’ve read that then check out the 2000’s movie version.Congratulations! You are now well versed in ‘American Psycho!’

Tommy compared this musical’s journey to the notorious ‘Carrie’ musical. What are some of your flops that you are obsessed with? Let us know on Twitter!

Here’s a cool interview with the (highly controversial) Bret Easton Ellis talking about ‘American Psycho’ and its transformation into a musical.

Duncan Sheik has a lot to say about the musical, and love him or hate him he knows what he’s talking about! Here’s a really good BUILD Series interview of him talking about the musical.

If you’re a fan of ‘Spring Awakening’ and ‘American Psycho’ you might dig some of Duncan Sheik’s own music. This album features a song called ‘A Body Goes Down’ which Jimi loves because it’s about Jeff Buckley.

If this was your first impression of the ‘American Psycho’ musicalstaging would you be impressed?

What are your experiences with the ‘American Psycho’ world? Let’s get literal over on Reddit and we can discuss some of the book/movie/musical’s themes!


Two of the actresses who have played the title role in this musical have only ever had one conversation with each other. It went as follows: one actress said to the other, “I’m taller than you.”


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