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Get ready to swallow this down – Jimi and Tommy are chatting all about Alanis Morissette’s venture onto Broadway: ‘Jagged Little Pill.’ This jukebox musical with an original book was one of the last shows to premiere on Broadway before the shutdown so it’s time we give it its due diligence and examine its impact before everything stopped! We discuss where this show sits in the musical theatre canon as a jukebox show, work out whether the critique on the book is valid or not and pull apart some of the themes this show brings up that so many others are afraid to do. Thank U for listening!

Jagged Little Pill (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

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Apparently the listener ship of Jim and Tomic’s Musical Theatre Happy Hour needs to swot up on their 90s cult classics – check out Dogma now!

If you’ve never listened to the iconic Jagged Little Pill album by Alanis Morissette then it is 100% worthwhile. There’s also a great interview on Spotify of her and Glen Ballard going through the writing process for the album.

Where do you think Jagged Little Pill sits in the Jukebox Musical canon? And then what about the full musical theatre songbook as a whole? Let us know!

To find out more about the creative process here is a great interview with the cast at this year’s BroadwayCon! If you listen very carefully you can hear Tommy and I talking about Cats downstairs.

To get a vibe of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui’s incredible choreographic style have a gander at some of his work here!

Regardless of your opinions of the show you can’t deny that Heather Lang is an incredible asset! Here’s a cool mini documentary featuring her talking about her experience before Jagged Little Pill.

The staging of this show is pretty cool. Here’s a rare quiet moment involving a swingset!

What do you think? Would Jagged Little Pill and the Healy family fit right into a musical TV series? Let us know!

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A Quiz Question and Kelly

The late great talk show host and TV personality Regis Philbin sat in makeup for THREE HOURS to play this musical’s title character even though he was never cast in the role.

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