Happy Hour #91 – Did That Podcast Just Happen? – ‘Wicked’

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Did you know black is this year’s pink? A giant hat is blowing in from the west, it can only be the untold story of the witches of Oz – ‘Wicked.’ Crank up your time dragons as this one’s a doozy! We talk all about the differences from the source material, Jimi unleashes his inner ‘Wicked’ fangirl much to Tommy’s chagrine, we work out if it’s actually an incredibly written show and have a deep discussion about gatekeeping in musical theatre. Thank goodness, it’s Wicked!

Wicked (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

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To honour Sentimental Man and all those (usually creepy) old mentor here is an incredible cabaret song.

If you’re a big Wicked fan then we recommend the following literature:

  • ‘The Grimmerie’
  • The Wicked Years series by Gregory Maguire – ‘The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West,’ ‘Son of a Witch,’ ‘A Lion Among Men,’ and ‘Out of Oz’
  • ‘Changed For Good’ by Stacy Wolf


Billy Eichner knows how to be a screaming fan better than anyone, you gays!

This is Jimi’s only opportunity to show off some if his favourite Elphaba moments. Here’s Alexia Khadime, Rachel Tucker and Willemijn Verkaik.

Ana Gasteyer is also an incredible Elphie. Here she is giving us a low key Wicked performance.

Here’s yet another sensational Elphie, Eden Espinosa, talking about the issues behind riffing on riffs.

Come and join the celebration! We’re having our second livestream on Sunday 20th December – let’s muddle through 2020 somehow together.

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