Happy Hour #93 – Podcast in C-sharp Minor – ‘Preludes’

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Jim and Tomic get classical! This time we’re checking out Dave Malloy’s Lincoln Centre special – ‘Preludes’.’ Set in the hypnotized mind of big-handed composer Sergei Rachmaninoff, this is a show that is comfortably nestled in the fringes of contemporary musical theatre. We deep dive on Art’s (purposeful capital letter) representation in musical theatre, why this show didn’t sit well with a lot of the people who saw it and unsurprisingly we do some fanboying over Dave Malloy.

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If you fancy pulling apart the weird idiosyncrasies of the English language in the UK look no further than the Map Men!

Normally we would just recommend the cast recording but to get the full picture of ‘Preludes’ you’ll want to get your hands on this libretto!

Here’s a great interview with the hue-some twosome behind this show!

We didn’t chat too much about it on the ep but Joseph Keckler who plays Rach’s best friend Chaliapin is a bit of a vocal god…

Is this show one of your Rice Krispie Treats? Let us know!

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A Poppin’ Quiz Question

The film version of this musical very nearly turned into a Mary Poppins reunion. Serendipitously, fate pulled both Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke out of the running for their respective roles. What show?

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