Happy Hour #99 – This is Gonna be a Good Podcast, and Here’s Why – ‘Dear Evan Hansen’

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Dear Faithful Listeners, this is going to be a good podcast, and here’s why: we’re having an open and honest discussion about the smash hit contemporary musical, ‘Dear Evan Hansen.’ This show has been extremely divisive among its audiences and we try to pick apart why that is in this week’s episode. We talk about some of the changes we would make to the show, how it compares to shows like ‘Next to Normal’ and ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ and discuss how it has impacted the musical theatre community for good!

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CW for this episode: suicidal ideation / mental health issues

If you want to dive further into some of the poetry then we thoroiughly recommend checking out the ‘Dear Evan Hansen: Through the Window’ book!

And speaking of books, we have an extremely rare musical-to-book adaptation which gives some new insights into Connor’s life.

There is some great comparison to be made with this show and ‘Next to Normal’ – check out our episode on that show!

if you’re looking for some great mental health storytelling then you NEED to check out Crazy Ex-Girlfriend for some of the best portrayal of this that exists!

Our nerd-dom goes so far as to reading academic writing on musical theatre such as this one on Evan Hansen’s fandom!

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