LIVE at BroadwayCon: Podcastical Cats – “Cats: the Movie”

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LIVE at BroadwayCon: Podcastical Cats – “Cats: the Movie”

This January Jimi and Tommy flew all the way to Broadway’s heartland to settle a score, to come to terms with and to try to provide closure on something which has changed the face of musical theatre forever: the Cats movie. Join the lads alongside a wonderful live audience as they try to comprehend cockroaches with faces, whether Judironomy actually lifted her leg, contemplate Sir Ian McKellan’s Oscar chances and attempt to answer the age old question: was this enjoyable?

Cats (Highlights from the Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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First of all, we’d like to give a huge thank you to our wonderful network – the Broadway Podcast Network – for welcoming us in NYC! Go to their website and check out over 40 podcasts all related to theatre!

The Brits among us should know Alan Partiridge I’m sure, but for those of you throughout the rest of the world – here’s a sample!

How would you shake up some of the upcoming musical adaptations? Is there scope for digital fur technology in Dear Evan Hansen? Let us know on Reddit!

If you’d like to stay in Hotel Bovril, I’m afraid you’re in for a disappointment. But if you’d like a hearty drink then check it out!

So, we need to discuss this – tweet us all your thoughts on the Cats movie!

Also we’re on a trading card – what’s going on?! Available over on the Lights of Broadway page soon!


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