The Technology Movie // SEASON 2 PREMIERE!

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The first official episode of Little Justice Season 2- now with video! Hosts Nik Walker and Alex Smolowe welcome you to the wonderful world of Little Justice– their movie podcast, wherein each week, they pick a movie theme, pick a movie that they think best represents that theme, and make their case as to why theirs was the best choice for that theme… or die trying. 

This week’s theme: The Technology Movie. But before we even get to the movie talk, there’s plenty of bonkers snark and comedy to go around. This week we watch Nik have a hissy fit, as the technology required to turn his podcast into a YouTube channel invades his meditation sanctum, and gives him a near panic attack on the air. LJ producer Beyoncé Britt shows up, Armie Hammer’s cannibalism is discussed, as well as Die Hard, Robo Cop, and also, what it means to “smash that subscribe.” It’s a helluva welcome, long and dry, good times all around. Also there’s totally some Loki Episode 4 Recap Loki Episode 2 “Glorious Purpose” Disney+ Owen Wilson (again none of these things get discussed, we’re just syphoning views off of Marvel’s popularity.) Enjoy!

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