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In episode 22, Broadway Workshop director and LITTLE ME host, Marc Tumminelli catches up with child star Alicia Morton. Alicia shares her story of growing up in the swamp of Louisiana and making a huge splash on Broadway in Les Miserables before starring as “Annie” in the Wonderful World of Disney’s television remake of ANNIE on ABC.

Alicia tells Marc the backstage story of attending a Loretta Lynn concert at the age of 3 how it changed her life forever, being part of the kids performing circuit – Star Power and Show Stoppers, performing Fosse at 6 years old, performing at Grand Ole Opry, booking Les Miserables on Broadway, moving to New York, sharing the role of Little Cosette with Lea Michelle, spending nearly 4 years in Les Mis, dealing with the loss of her father during her Broadway run, almost booking the 1997 revival of Annie, auditioning for the Annie TV movie, flying first class to LA for her Annie screen test, getting the call backstage at Les Mis that she had booked the Annie TV Movie, working with Rob Marshall, Victor Garber, Audra McDonald and Kathy Bates, moving to the Oakwood Apartments in LA, her connection to original “Annie” star – Andrea McArdle, becoming friends with Lindsay Lohan, missing out on playing Lizzie McGuire, recording “Tomorrow”, The Annie premier night and everything that has happened since her incredible star turn.

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