EP34 – Heather Tepe – Time Capsule

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Heather Tepe shares her remarkable Broadway story on this week’s episode of LITTLE ME!

Heather sits down with Broadway Workshop director, Marc Tumminelli and tells LITTLE ME listeners her dream of performing in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade as a young girl, dressing up as Annie and singing “Tomorrow” in beauty pageants, the heartwarming story of her third grade classmates decorating their classroom when she booked the role of Baby June in Gypsy, working alongside the incomparable Bernadette Peters, the wonderful experience of learning from Sam Mendes and Jerry Mitchell, and having fun backstage with her young costars

Heather talks about getting to play the title role in the musical Ruthless! in Sarasota, Florida, booking the workshop of Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, originating the role of Annie Who, perfecting her baton twirling skills in The Grinch after learning for the role of Baby June, beginning her long journey as a Broadway swing while performing in the second year of The Grinch, the excitement of learning multiple roles, and getting the chance to perform in her school shows between Broadway gigs.

Heather shares her incredible story of persevering and booking the role of a swing in Billy Elliot, the wild experience of auditioning for Matilda and rehearsing for a production of The Grinch at Madison Square Garden at the same time at Chelsea Studios, the excitement of getting cast as a swing in Matilda, developing close friendships with the kids in the show, why training and teaching new kids who were joining the show was her favorite part of the experience, meeting her future husband, Scott Difford while in Matilda, the adorable story of Scott proposing to her at her second home—the Shubert Theatre, leaving a time capsule in the Shubert after Gypsy and finding it again during Matilda, performing in Hairspray Live!, the experience of being on Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge, and her new journey as a personal trainer.  

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Heather Tepe

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