EP51 – Blake Ross – Getting Burnt

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In this special Broadway Podcast Network crossover episode, BURNT host, Blake Ross and LITTLE ME host, Marc Tumminelli break down the story of a local theater star convicted of a double homicide.

Blake Ross is the host of the popular podcast BURNT, since her initial episodes on the Broadway disaster Rebecca she continues the spiral down the Theater-Meets-True Crime rabbit hole when she asks, “Has there ever been a murder on a stage?” Enter the case of Daniel Wozniak, a community theater actor who manages to commit several heinous crimes before shockingly going onstage to perform in Maury Yeston’s musical Nine. LITTLE ME host and True Crime fanatic, Marc Tumminelli joins Blake for this special episode.

**Please note this episode covers a horrific murder and will not be appropriate for all audiences. Explicit language is used in this episode. Little Me will return in it’s usual format on Thursday 10/28/21.

Produced by Blake Ross, The Burnt Podcast, The Broadway Podcast Network

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