EP52 – Stacey Brass Russell – I’m On!

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In 1978, Stacey Brass Russell made her Broadway debut mid show in ANNIE and her life was forever changed. Hear Stacey’s Broadway story this week on LITTLE ME: Growing Up Broadway.

Broadway’s Stacey Brass Russell recounts her start in the original production of ANNIE, a show she was part of for over two years. LITTLE ME host, Marc Tumminelli sits down with Stacey as she recounts her time in ANNIE on Broadway as well as the Broadway revival Fiddler on the Roof . Stacey gives us the ups and downs of being a child actor and how her early days on Broadway, her time at French Woods, her high school experience and her college experience at NYU lead to her becoming a master life coach and business strategist.

Produced by Marc Tumminelli and The Broadway Podcast Network


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