EP59 – Flop of the Heap – SMILE: The Musical

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This week Marc joins the FLOP OF THE HEAP podcast to talk all things Broadway super flop SMILE: The Musical!

LITTLE ME: Growing Up Broadway takes a trip away from child stars to celebrate the holiday season and sit down with John Bow of FLOP OF THE HEAP podcast! Little Me host, Marc Tumminelli and Flop of the Heap host, John Bow break down the musical SMILE and everything that went wrong making the show an enormous 80’s Broadway flop. They share the inside story of what went right and what went terribly wrong during the creation, original workshops, out of town try out and short Broadway run of Smile: The Musical

Smile is a musical by Marvin Hamlisch and Howard Ashman and chronicles the backstage troubles of the fictional 1985 California Young American Miss Pageant. Marc and John have a laugh a minute sharing the behind the scenes stories, reviews and so much more on this special cross over episode!

Produced by Flop of the Heap, John Bow, Marc Tumminelli and The Broadway Prodcast Network.

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