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Lauren Kias is an extremely talented dancer and member of the Hamilton ensemble. She also happens to be Rory’s scene partner in the pivotal moment when KG3 learns that John Adams will be replacing George Washington! Lauren comes from Indianapolis where she studied dance early on as a child and even began splitting her time in high school between regular classes and the prestigious Butler University Dance Department. Lauren spent 8 years in a dance company in Chicago and never expected to be in the musical theater world but she explains how she got to Hamilton and how her journey included a “boot camp”. Lauren has a lot of gratitude and credits her success to her family, especially her mother who drove her to every dance class and her husband who was completely supportive when she got the tour of Hamilton even though it meant doing long distance. Rory and Lauren talk about how they plan on approaching the next phase of life as they contemplate raising kids while “living the dream”!

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