#23 – Nikki Renee Daniels and Jenn Gambatese, Another Op’nin… Postponed

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With 17 Broadway shows between them, leading ladies, Jenn Gambatese and Nikki Renee Daniels were about to add two more to the list, Mrs. Doubtfire and Company. COVID-19 has put an extended pause on the opening of their shows, and much like the postponed Olympic Games, the incredible hard work and passion that goes into mounting a Broadway show has come to screeching halt. As a result they are both experiencing severe #momlash adjusting back to full time parenting after being more than a full-time performer between rehearsals and previews. These veterans of the Great White Way, have also both spent extended time away from their families for work, and they share all the things that come with it, the mom guilt, the travel back and forth, missing holidays with family… and dare we say it, the freedom that comes with being away (did someone say they could take a nap?!)

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