#29 – Christina Rouner, Letting Our Children Be: Part 2

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“What are you having?“ Something we hear over and over when expecting a child. Many of us gear up for their arrival with preparations specific to their gender, right? So what happens when, a few years later, they tell you they are not comfortable expressing their gender in the way for which you, their parent, prepared? Join us as speak with Gavin Lodge and Christina Rouner about how they have and continue to navigate the path of having gender fluid/non-binary children. They openly share their personal experiences coming to terms with their own pre-conceived ideas, figuring out what bathroom their child wants to use at their school, and giving their children the tools, confidence, and power to be exactly who they are.

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Produced by Dori Berinstein and Alan Seales.

Edited by Derek Gunther.


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