#71 – Amanda Kloots, Live Your Life

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Broadway dancer turned fitness guru, Amanda Kloots has endured unspeakable loss on a very public stage. Her husband’s battle and eventual passing due to COVID-19 became a national tragedy through which people rallied and mourned the immense grief our world has faced through this pandemic. In addition to running a fitness empire, co-hosting “The Talk” and raising her adorable two year old as a single mom, she just released a memoir, along with her sister Anna Kloots, titled “Live Your Life”, her husband’s original song that she made popular when people all over the world came together daily to sing it. It has since become an anthem of sorts, not only in how you face loss, but how we make the most of every moment we have. 

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Produced by Dori Berinstein and Alan Seales.

Edited by Cara Cooper

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