BONUS-Cara Cooper & Jessica Rush, Pivot Step: One Year Later

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It’s been one year since Broadway went dark and life moved into lockdown, and co-hosts Cara and Jessica are checking in on this bonus #minisode. A lot has changed in some ways since they initially recorded for the first time remotely – kids are in school, homeschool, Jess and family have finally come back from La Jolla, and, most importantly she and Cara have kick ball changed and made their own #pandemicpivots. Hear from them how they’ve managed life within the confines and struggles of the weight and limitations of this time, their thank you and plea for continued support of theatre across the country as we start to re-open, and ultimately, how remembering to breathe and look toward the light helped the mamas push themselves outside their comfort zones to “thrive” as best they could in the era of Covid.
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Produced by Dori Berinstein and Alan Seales.
Edited by Jessica Rush
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