Ep. 94 (AE): Merri Sugarman (Tara Rubin Casting) on Building Rapport with Casting

In This Episode

In this Artist Exploration, Merri Sugarman from Tara Rubin Casting and MTCA Director, Charlie Murphy discuss: 

  • How does a Casting Director has with Producer 
  • How do build a relationship with a Casting Director 
  • What makes a Casting Director bring an actor into the room 
  • How to become a reader

To purchase Merri’s book visit: From Craft to Career: A Casting Director’s Guide for the Actor– Available April 20, 2023 

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About MTCA: 

Musical Theater College Auditions (MTCA) is the leader in coaching acting and musical theater students through the college audition process and beyond with superlative results. MTCA has assembled a roster of expert artist-educators who can guide students artistically, organizationally, strategically, and psychologically through the competitive college audition process. MTCA provides the tools, resources, and expertise along with a vast and strong support system. They train the unique individual, empowering the artist to bring their true, authentic self to their work. MTCA believes that by helping students reveal their potential it allows each school to connect with those who are truly right for their programs, which in turn guides each student toward their best college fit. 

About Charlie Murphy: 

Charlie is a proud graduate of Carnegie Mellon University’s BFA program. As an Actor he has performed with theaters such as: NY Public Theatre’s “Shakespeare in the Park”, The Pearl Theatre Company, Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, Chautauqua Theatre Company, Kinetic Theatre Company, and the Shakespeare Theatre of DC.

With MTCA [Musical Theater College Auditions — mtca.nyc], he has been helping prospective theatre students through the college process for over 15 years. As a Teacher and Director, he is able to do a few of his favorite things in life: help students to find their authentic selves as artists, and then help them find their best fit for their collegiate journey. Through this podcast, he hopes to continue that work as well as help demystify this intricate process.

This episode was produced by Meghan Cordier and Charlie Murphy. Episode theme music is created by Will Reynolds.

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