Episode 11 – Andrew Beall, Evan McCormack, David Don Miller, Hunter Bell, Jeff Bowen & Ann McNamee: Goodbye New York & Other World

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This episode features discussions about Andrew Beall, Evan McCormack and David Don Miller’s Goodbye New York and Hunter Bell, Jeff Bowen and Ann McNamee’s Other World. Hunter, Jeff and Ann were also joined by their director Adrienne Campbell-Holt.

GOODBYE NEW YORK (by Andrew Beall, Evan McCormack and David Don Miller) – When Olivia Long sets out to indulge her final day in New York City, the last thing she expects is to run into Will Edmonds–the one that got away. To her shock, he thinks she’s the one who got away, and he’s been waiting ten years to tell her. So she shares her day with him, showing him the New York she loves, and all that he’s been missing. But she’s harboring a secret, one that will take her away from him forever. A second chance at love doesn’t always come along, but if it does…do we take it? Even if it only lasts one day? Is it worth it to pull someone closer…only to say goodbye?

OTHER WORLD (by Hunter Bell, Jeff Bowen and Ann McNamee) – Other World is an original musical that tells the story of avid online gamer Sri and non-gamer Lorraine who are magically and unexpectedly transported into Sri’s favorite video game, Other World. The duo must learn how to work together and, with the aid of fellow gamers and their avatars, survive the game and find a way home. With its themes of love, loss, creativity, imagination, forgiveness, and empathy, this adventurous new show embraces family and the connections we make on- and off-line in this modern cyber age. Other World proudly features an inclusive cast and characters mirroring the gaming community and culture and giving voice to exciting talents. 

Featuring performances from Arielle Jacobs, Michael Maliakel and Brad Standley

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