Episode 20 – Christine Toy Johnson, Jason Ma, Bobby Daye & Monica L. Patton: Broken Ground & Love & Southern D!scomfort

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This episode features discussions about Christine Toy Johnson and Jason Ma’s Broken Ground and Bobby Daye and Monica L. Patton’s Love & Southern D!scomfort.


BROKEN GROUND (by Christine Toy Johnson & Jason Ma) – Taking place in 1912 on the cusp of a new era for China, Broken Ground tells the story of 18-year old Xuě Lán, as she sets out on the path created for her by tradition and her family to marry a young soldier. Still grieving the recent loss of her mother and twin brother and yearning to make peace with the new life before her, she seeks guidance from both Guān Yīn, the goddess of compassion, and the spirit of her mother. Transported to another space and time of an ancient myth via an embroidered story in NüShū, the centuries-old writing system created by and only for women, Xuě Lán connects to her mother’s wishes for her and discovers that she can indeed find happiness by both speaking her truth and honoring her destiny. ***This conversation was recorded in November 2020.


LOVE & SOUTHERN D!SCOMFORT (by Bobby Daye & Monica L. Patton) – When dowager Mrs. Catheine Dejoie, of polite Louisiana society, dies, she leaves the entire estate to her estranged granddaughter, Milla, but only if Milla comes home from her self-imposed, decade-long exile to bury Catherine. Milla reluctantly leaves her life in France and returns to her ancestral home, a sprawling postbellum Southern mansion, and to her mother, a faded alcoholic debutante undone by the burden of bearing the family’s legacy. With the help of the family’s cherished maid, the women begin to repair their relationship until the reconciliation grinds to a sudden halt when a long-held secret is uncovered.


Featuring performances from Nikki M. James, Ramona Keller, Anthony Wayne, Kennedy Kanagawa, and Jaygee Macapugay


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