Episode 21 – Nico Juber, Justin Mortelliti & Shannon Hunt: Millennials Are Killing Musicals & The Ladies Man

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This episode features discussions about Nico Juber’s Millennials Are Killing Musicals and Justin Mortelliti and Shannon Hunt’s The Ladies Man.

MILLENNIALS ARE KILLING MUSICALS (by Nico Juber) – Millennials Are Killing Musicals is an entirely original, irreverently funny, and heartfelt musical about the Millennial existential crisis, motherhood, and stereotypes that define a generation. Meet Brenda: a quirky, stressed-out, single mom who hates her job, longs to be a writer, and can’t help but compare herself to the seemingly perfect “Jake’s Mom” at school. Brenda is finally ready for love and creativity in her life when her #influencer sister Katrina shows up eight months pregnant, completely unprepared for motherhood. Torn between two men, juggling an opinionated mother and an increasingly unstable Katrina, Brenda must learn how to break her self-destructive patterns and live filter-free so she can achieve her dreams. Nico was also joined by her director Ryan O’Connor and her music director Ted Arthur.

THE LADIES MAN (by Justin Mortelliti and Shannon Hunt) – The Ladies Man centers around Julian, an Italian-American boy from New Jersey who deals with the struggles of coming out and coming-of-age while escaping the shaming guilt of a Roman Catholic family and religion; searching for love, faith, God and himself while healing the wounds of childhood that continue to run deep. With the help of his colorful, hilarious and fiercely loyal friends plus an arsenal of New Jersey attitude, Julian navigates his way into adulthood, learning to face and accept the truth of himself at all costs. 

Featuring performances from Amber Ardolino, (Moulin Rouge!, Hamilton), Andrew Chappelle (Hamilton), Casey Garvin (Mrs. Doubtfire, Miss Saigon), Asmeret Ghebremichael (The Book of Mormon, Dream Girls), Talya Groves (Mean Girls), Diana Huey (The Little Mermaid), Justin Mortelliti, Ryann Redmond (Frozen, If/Then), Jared Reinfeldt (HBO Max’s The Flight Attendant), Justin Showell (Hamilton), Brett Thiele (Escape To Margaritaville, Clueless) and Aidan Wharton.

Co-produced and edited by Hector Flores Jr. and Pauls Macs

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