Episode 23 – AriDy Nox, Brandon Webster, Mêlisa Annis & Jamie Floyd: Metropolis & The King’s Wife

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This episode features discussions about AriDy Nox’s and Brandon Webster’s Metropolis and Mêlisa Annis and Jamie Floyd’s The King’s Wife.

METROPOLIS (by AriDy Nox and Brandon Webster) – Metropolis is an epic tale that follows the Harmonizer-android-unit turned space-time-continuum anarchist Fari as she is wrenched across space and time. With the Apocalypse hot on her heels in the past and the future, Fari keeps finding herself at the center of world-defining moments. But will she be able to withstand the upheaval? Or will she crack under the pressure?

THE KING’S WIFE (by Mêlisa Annis and Jamie Floyd) – The King’s Wife is a new musical that uniquely re-tells the relationship between Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn, the first two wives of King Henry VIII of England. While historical accounts paint these women as bitter enemies, The King’s Wife (using historic clues) flips the script to tell their tale differently. It’s an untraditional period piece with a dark, progressive vibe, and a moving, hopeful story about female friendship and the detriment to the world when great women aren’t allowed to rise. Mêlisa and Jamie were joined by their producers Jennifer Kranz and Abigail Solomon. 

Featuring performances from Cory Barrow, Jamie Floyd, Taylor Harris, Tyler McKenzie, Max Morter, Caleb Spainhour, Marthaluz Velez and HK Wall

Co-produced and edited by Hector Flores Jr. and Pauls Macs

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