Episode 25 – Zack Zadek, Peter Hodgson & Kathleen Wrinn: Love, Rosie & The Bridge

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This episode features discussions about Zack Zadek and Peter Duchan’s Love, Rosie and Peter Hodgson and Kathleen Wrinn’s The Bridge.


LOVE, ROSIE (by Peter Duchan & Zack Zadek) – Rosie and Alex meet at eighteen. They’re from different worlds, a gulf of misunderstanding between them, but they share a passion for music—and for each other. Two interconnected lives are tracked over the course of 30 years, asking the question: what is a love story?


THE BRIDGE (by Peter Hodgson and Kathleen Wrinn) – The Bridge is an epic new musical based on the love story that built the Brooklyn Bridge. When Emily Roebling’s husband falls mysteriously ill and is unable to continue as Chief Engineer, Emily must do the impossible: secretly take her husband’s place as Chief, in an era half a century before women were allowed to vote. With a genre-defying score as vibrant as New York City itself, The Bridge explores the forces that unite and divide us. It is a story of mistakes and forgiveness. Of great sacrifice and even greater hope. Of finding a way forward, across the uncrossable. Together.


Featuring performances from Zack Zadek, Peter Hodgson, and Kathleen Wrinn.


Co-produced and edited by Hector Flores Jr. and Pauls Macs


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