Episode 3 – Paulo K Tiról, Noam Shapiro, Jonathan Karpinos, John McGrew, Joseph Varca: On This Side Of The World & The Village Of Vale

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Welcome to The Musicals of Tomorrow! This episode is part of the premiere group and features discussions about Paulo K Tiról and Noam Shapiro’s On This Side Of The World and Jonathan Karpinos, John McGrew and Joseph Varca’s The Village Of Vale. Paulo and Noam were also joined by actor Belinda Allyn. Jonathan, John and Joseph were also joined by Tony Award® winning producer Jane Dubin and director Lisa Rothe.

ON THIS SIDE OF THE WORLD (by Paulo K Tiról and Noam Shapiro) – Stories of overseas workers, young lovers and gossipy church ladies. Snapshots of undocumented immigrants, millennial princesses and first-generation Americans. In On This Side of the World, six actors give voice to Filipino immigrants navigating old lives and new beginnings, as a one-way ticket sends them on a journey eight-thousand miles from home.

THE VILLAGE OF VALE (by Jonathan Karpinos, John McGrew and Joseph Varca) – Carrying only a pair of magical glasses and a desire for vengeance, an ageless Traveler returns to the village that once betrayed her. When she finally returns to Vale, she is caught up in the lives of the villagers who hold the key to her vengeance: an obsessed bookkeeper, a haunted widow, and the family of proud woodcutters that exiled her long ago. As her search for revenge upends the lives of everyone she encounters, she faces a choice that will change the village of Vale forever.

Featuring performances from Belinda Allyn, Marc delaCruz, Lauren Elder, John McGrew, Michael Protacio and Joy Tamayo

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