Episode 4 – Lauren Taslitz, Danny Ursetti, Jeff Talbott, Will Van Dyke: Mimosa & Ten Brave Seconds

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This episode features discussions about Lauren Taslitz and Danny Ursetti’s Mimosa and Will Van Dyke and Jeff Talbott’s Ten Brave Seconds

MIMOSA (by Lauren Taslitz and Danny Ursetti) – Mimosa is a plant with a special gift: she can dance. Mom begs her to stop, concerned that she could be noticed by a human. Then along comes lonely, teenage human Molly, who catches sight of Mimosa dancing and is so delighted by her, she digs Mimosa up and takes her home. Together they learn to communicate in order to unite and heal their imperiled communities. Mimosa is a cautionary tale that asks us to see ourselves as natural parts of the natural world in order to preserve and save our environment.

TEN BRAVE SECONDS (by Jeff Talbott and Will Van Dyke) – Ten Brave Seconds is a new musical about the day that 16-year-old Mike comes out of the closet and the cosmic change that affects his community. Mike is about to find out that it’s on the other side of the telling that all the good stuff sits waiting. This original story is about those tiny brave seconds that make up the gargantuan moments that tell you (and the world) who you are.

Featuring performances from Makai Hernandez, Diana Huey, Troy Iwata, Shereen Pimentel, Christine Toy Johnson and Angela Travino 

Produced by Pauls Macs 

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