Episode 6 – NAMT, Georgina Escobar, Robi Hager, Cheeyang Ng & Eric Sorrels: Little Duende & Māyā

In This Episode

This episode features discussions about Georgina Escobar and Robi Hager’s Little Duende and Cheeyang Ng and Eric Sorrels’ Māyā. Cheeyang and Eric were also joined by their director Arpita Mukherjee. Both of these shows are featured in this year’s NAMT 33rd Festival Of New Musicals. A special edition discussion with NAMT’s New Works Director Mark Blankenship is also featured at the beginning. 

LITTLE DUENDE (by Georgina Escobar and Robi Hager) – With fairy tales and mythological themes, Little Duende comments on real world matters as it explores the border crisis, dual citizenship and the consequences of a dark family secret.  

MĀYĀ (by Cheeyang Ng and Eric Sorrels) – Told with contemporary language and a score that fuses Western pop and Indian Classical music, MĀYĀ is about the ties that hold us, the illusions that bind us and the truth that can finally set us free. 

Featuring performances from Kimberly Chatterjee, Robi Hager and Kuhoo Verma 

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