Ep 11 – Rachel Zegler: “Hasmat Reality”

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Holy shit! A movie star took the time to talk to me! Not just any movie star! A beautiful, young, charming new talent who caught the attention of Steven Spielberg who cast her as Maria in his upcoming adaption of West Side Story! It was a true pleasure having Rachel on the show. She reminded me that we’d actually met before at the Broadway Flea Market when she was 14 years old! On today’s episode we talk about Rachel’s experience working with Steven Spielberg and Stephen Sondheim. We also play MASH to determine each other’s future. Not only that, we discuss the importance of being kind in this industry and I express my distaste for Lea Michele’s famously bad attitude. Lots of ground gets covered on this episode so TUNE THE HECK IN and turn it! Rachel Zegler is in. the. HOUSE! Don’t forget to rate and subscribe!

Keep up with Rachel and all the exciting things going on in her life on Twitter/Instagram @RachelZegler You can also find her on youtube and TikTok!

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